We are a small team of web developers.

We build websites and services, focusing on creating a minimum viable product. Just core features that allow the product to be published. You receive a working site quicker, cheaper then ever. Testing your business ideas becomes less risky!

We select extendable and scalable tools. There are no limitations for expanding your product. Check out:


Bosch Power Tools Builder

RealEstate - regional real estate classified

  • mobile first approach - site works well on mobiles, tablets and desktops
  • prototype -> MVP ( minimum viable product )
  • paid services for realtors
  • 1 year, 10+ stages


The guys did not begin to work on our project until they made sure 'it will fly'. But once they did, they worked hard and put a lot of heart into it. They asked plenty of questions and gave amazing results. I practically didn't have to doubt their solutions in features and visual design of our website. Our site is three-months old and it is ALIVE!!!

Inga Kvjatkovskaja, founder and CEO

Maptype - the map of cultural events in Moscow

Maptype website preview
  • interactive map
  • admin panel for distributed editorial office
  • migration of content and users from the old site
  • 5 months of development, 3 stages

SkyTown - online booking of apartments for realtors

  • sales automatization
  • fraud protection
  • advanced filters for apartments lookup
  • 2.5 months of development, 2 stages

Jubilees - memorable dates and anniversaries

Jubilees website preview
  • user generated content
  • articles, news, greetings, photo and video, user survey
  • social network
  • paid premium accounts
  • 3 months of development

Kartagen – the blog about geoservices and online maps*

Kartagen website preview
  • Google Maps, Yandex Maps and OpenStreetMap deep integration to blog engine
  • vector and raster graphics on the maps
  • KML support
  • 1.5 months of development

*the part of our team has been involved in development of this site

ODA – multilingual catalog of amusement mashines*

*the part of our team has been involved in development of this site


Prototype is a quick and dirty implementation of a website or service. It makes possible to interact with site, to check that the user interface is friendly and feature set are full. Сorrections can be applied before any development starts.

We can offer:

  • Design of workflow and user interface
  • Interactive prototype
  • Sketches for specific pages

TasksMarket - B2B marketplace of small tasks at Sydney

TasksMarket prototype preview
  • static prototype for startup looking for investors
  • then full working prototype
  • billing
  • Facebook integration

Аctivity Holidays - Аctivity Holidays
  • static prototype for startup looking for investors
  • focus on UX